Brazilian, born in 1986.


Cecilia Engels is an independent filmmaker. Writes, directs and edits fiction and documentaries. Since 2009 acts in the audio-visual field in short-films, TV films, NGO institutional films, biographical films, media art for educational and artistic groups. Is guided by the cinema language in a dialogue with themes such as social, environmental, spiritual, artistic and biopic engagement.


She graduated with a degree in Cinema at FAAP (São Paulo), has a specialization in script writing and directing at SVA School of Visual Arts in New York City. Is a seeker of constant renewal of look and language research.





2009 - One for another – short film fiction 35mm

2012 - Don´t leave Joana alone – short film fiction


2013 - My name is Bongo I play the djambe –short film documentary

2015 - The golden people are all of us – 63min documentary


2015 – How it touches me -  short film fiction 


2015 – Home grown garden – 55 min fiction-doc 




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